Boonderoo Walnuts is a primary producer of walnuts and walnut products. The name Boonderoo means “place of many rocks”- and we have many! It is situated at Redesdale – in the heart of Victoria on the volcanic uplands

Our Walnut Products

We offer walnuts 7 different ways:


Natural range

  • In shell
  • Kernel - Halves
  • Kernel - Pieces

Gourmet range - dry roasted

  • Spiced
  • Parmesan herbed
  • Sesame glazed with maple syrup


  • Hand crafted Walnut & Date Roulade

Since we started selling these products at the markets last year we have been absolutely delighted with consumer response with many repeat customers at every market. We offer eating suggestions and recipes for anyone who is interested and now we get many suggestions back. It’s a great exchange!


Here is more detail on our products and some serving suggestions


Great Serving Suggestions




Information and serving suggestion

Natural range

In shell

Nature’s own package and popular with people who love the social activity of cracking nuts and chatting over a drink around the table. This is a very European tradition.

Kernel - Pieces

Cracked and vacuum packed for to seal in the freshness. Serving suggestions: include in fresh fruit salad; use as a mid-morning/ afternoon snack; serve with cheese;

add to Muesli; serve with drinks;; mix with apple to fill pancakes; incorporate into bread at the last kneading; include in a cut lunch; add to a fruit smoothie; add to Xmas cakes

Kernel – Halves

Cracked and vacuum packed to seal in the freshness. Serving suggestions:

as for pieces but especially for decorating cakes or dipped in chocolate

Gourmet range - dry roasted

Parmesan herbed

Based on an old Italian recipe, this combination is great in a pasta or on a salad or served with drinks


A mild spicy mix, great served with drinks; sprinkled over baked potato or cauliflower soup

Sesame glazed with maple syrup

This is a winning combination because the maple syrup still lets that walnut flavour shine through. Great with apple in a salad, in a crumble, on top of ice cream or just as a snack


Hand crafted Walnut & Date Roulade

Hilary’s grandmother taught her this fabulous recipe and she has gone on to prefect it over time. Using our own fresh walnuts and almonds it is a winner with our customers. Add sliced to a cheese platter; Serve with coffee and After-Dinner drinks; Take on a hike or the golf course for an energy pick-me-up